Bath & Brush Out 

Bath, nails, ears, and brush out or 


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$25 and up

Full groom

Bath, nails, ears, brush out, and  haircut of your choosing

$45 and Up

Puppy basics

bath, nails, ears, light scissor/ clippering

*must be under 6 months old



Bath & comb out

Bath, nails, ears, and complete comb out

$65 and up

lion clip

Bath, nails, ears, complete comb out, and a cute lion clip

$75 and up

Kitten basics

Bath, nails, ears, comb out

*must be under 6 months old


What our customers are saying

We love this place and so does our pup. Always fast and efficient. Offer everything for grooming your pet and making them look and smell great. Angela is awesome

Todd V.

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